Industry Youth! Pitching Forum

17 Nov | FRIDAY | 11:00 a.m. | F22
Frankopanska 22
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In association of Zagreb Film Festival’s Industry event with six academies from the region – Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo, Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television Ljubljana, Faculty of Dramatic Arts Cetinje and Faculty of Dramatic Arts Skopje, 12 students with their six projects have been selected to attend the Industry training program, open to the public, along with preparatory workshops, to develop their short fiction film projects. The workshops will focus on the financial, i.e. co-production possibilities in association with French producer Stéphane Guénin from ENS Louis-Lumière, and preparations for the pitching forum will be held with James Watkins, who wrote and packed projects for Warner Bros., Working Title, Pathe, Film Four and BBC Films.

Industry Youth! will wrap up with a Pitching Forum of student projects. Young screenwriters and directors will get a chance to present their projects to the international panel consisting of representatives from regional post-production studios, who will offer their services as a reward to the best project.

Pitching participants will get seven minutes to present their projects, including trailers and other visual materials, as well as seven minutes for questions and answers.


We would like to thank postproduction studios – Fabrika, Iridium Film, Color Bureau, Teleking, Studio Nazor, Vizije for making it possible for the best project of the Industry Youth Pitching Forum to win potproduction services in their studios as an award.

Members of the panel:

Ivan Zelić (Studio Nazor), Branko Linta (Color Bureau), Tomislav Vujnović (Vizije), Bojan Mastilović (Iridium Film), Bojan Hadžihalilović (Fabrika), Zoran Mihailović (Teleking)

ADU Zagreb, Croatia

Nikica Zdunić, Tajana Bakota


Una finds out she is pregnant. She is carrying a planet. In search of her own identity, of the answers to loneliness, insomnia and fear, she goes through group therapy, long conversations with her friend and search for a partner. At the end, she discovers an only way to be truly fulfilled.

FDU Beograd, Serbia

Lana Pavkov, Miloš Vučković


The countess (50) and Anja (22) are sitting with their guests Sergej (35), Boris (50) and Ivan (25) in an elegantly furnished drawing room in a semi-dilapidated house. It is dinnertime. The countess concludes how the house they are sitting in is very familiar to her, and Anja reaches the same conclusion. Soon the countess realises that Anja is her daughter and that the house is theirs. It all becomes weird when the countess pays attention to the guests, food and drink. She cannot comprehend why they are all these and why she made this expensive dinner when she has recently spent all her money. Anja and the countess feel something terrible will happen tomorrow. To make matters worse, musicians come to her home…

AGRFT Ljubljana, Slovenia

Matic Štamcar, Špela Bajc


Parents do not get on well. Something is happening behind the back of the youngest family member. Seen through the eyes of six-year-old Lin, dramatic details are muddled with the confusion of boyhood. After returning from a family trip together with his mother and sister, he finds out what happened with his father. Will he be able to cope with the consequences?

FDU Skopje; Macedonia

Ibrahim Batuhan, Dragan Spasov


This is a film about a grandfather who knows his death date because a witch has told him many years ago. Due to financial issues, he exploits this fact to make betting business. He is commiting suicides as part of the bets and wins it all. Before his due date, he tells the story to his son and gives him the address of the witch in order to continue his legacy. The son, following in his father’s footsteps, goes to the witch’s address but misses her house. He enters a wrong one. The woman from that house plays along with his assumption that she is the witch and gives him a random death date. The son immediately goes out to test this fact but he fails.

ASU Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ajla Medanhodžić, Sara Ristić


This film begins at ‘the end’, at the funeral, where Mara, an old lady living at a retirement home is saying her last farewell to her beloved and facing what remains of her solitary life, trying to give meaning to what looks like an end to all roads.


FDU Cetinje, Montenegro

Zvonimir Grujić, Jelena Šoškić


Summer 2014, Lazaret, Albania. The government raids a village and declare war on the locals who defend their illegal marijuana plantations. The government wins and the consequences are felt throughout the entire region. Davor and Miloš are two immature individuals, art students and impassioned hashish lovers, who must pay their honest debt with the local dealer by the next day, under the threat of serious physical injuries.


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