Lover for a Day

  • Philippe Garrel
  • France
  • 2017
  • 76'
  • L'amant d'un jour

After a disastrous breakup, heartbroken and weeping Jeanne shows up at her father’s doorstep accompanied by her luggage. She reveals that he’s been living with his much younger girlfriend and student, Ariana, for three months. Triangles are not as simple as they seem, and the rivalry between the two girls soon turns into friendship. The free-spirited Ariane incites an appetite for life in Jeanne, who in turn introduces her to a handsome friend. This seductive romantic dramedy is the final part of Garrel’s trilogy about love, jealousy, lust, and fidelity, focused primarily on female characters (Jealousy, In the Shadow of Women). Jealousy (2013) was screened at the 2014 ZFF. Lover for a Day won the SACD Award at the Critics’ Week in Cannes.

subtitles: HR, EN


Philippe Garrel

Born in Paris in 1948, this award-winning French actor and director has won two Silver Lions at the Venice IFF (Regular Lovers, I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar). He frequently collaborates with his son and actor, Louis Garrel. Lover for a Day is the first film in which his daughter, Esther Garrel, plays the lead role.

Lover for a Day

Philippe Garrel
Arlette Langmann, Jean-Claude Carrière, Caroline Deruas, Philippe Garrel
Éric Caravaca, Esther Garrel, Louise Chevillotte, Laëtitia Spigarelli
Renato Berta
François Gédigier
Saïd Ben Saïd, Michel Merkt
SBS Films, Arte France Cinéma
Festivals & Awards
Cannes Film Festival – Critics' Week 2017 – SACD Award; San Sebastián International Film Festival 2017

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