• Andrei Creţulescu
  • Romania, France
  • 2017.
  • 119'
  • Charleston

Night time. Alexandru is celebrating his 42nd birthday by drinking alone. Several weeks earlier, his wife Ioana died in a car accident. An unexpected visit jolts him out of the alcoholic haze. A timid young man named Sebastian is Ioana’s lover. The affair lasted for five months and now he is here with an incredible request. He wants Alexandru to help him get over her death. Charleston premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival. Creţulescu’s film Kowalski won the Golden Pram Award for Best Short Film at the 12th Zagreb Film Festival.

Subtitles: HR, EN



Andrei Creţulescu

Born in Bucharest in 1974. Screenwriter, director, and producer. Since 2008, he has been the art director of the B-EST Film Festival, and since 2010 also of the Full Moon – Horror and Fantasy Film Festival. His short Ramona (2015) won the Canal+ Award at the Critics’ Week in Cannes.


Andrei Creţulescu
Andrei Creţulescu
Şerban Pavlu, Radu Iacoban, Victor Rebengiuc, Ana Ularu, Dorian Boguta, Adrian Titieni, Ana Ciontea, Gabriela Popescu, Gavril Patru
Barbu Bălăşoiu
Catalin Cristutiu
Velvet Moraru, Marie Legrand, Rani Massalha, Andrei Creţulescu, Gilles Padovani, Yann Legay
production Icon Production, Les Films du Tambour, Mille et Une Films, WAG Prod
Festivals & Awards
Locarno International Film Festival 2017; Chicago International Film Festival 2017

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