Eskil & Trinidad

  • Stephan Apelgren
  • Sweden, Germany
  • 2013
  • 104'
  • Eskil och Trinidad

11-year-old Eskil is always on the move. Due to his father’s job, he constantly changes cities and schools, which makes it hard for him to build friendships. To satisfy his father, a former professional hockey player, Eskil also plays hockey but without much success. He lacks ambition and doesn’t understand why anyone would want to suffer from constant puck hits. Unlike him, Mirja is passionate about hockey but not allowed to play because she’s a girl. Things change when Eskil meets the eccentric Trinidad who lives in the suburbs and is the laughingstock of the locals. With her, Eskil discovers his true passion, seafaring, and joins her in building a ship to sail to the Caribbean. The film won the European Children’s Film Association Award (ECFA) in 2013.

Subtitles: HR


Stephan Apelgren

Born in 1954. He started his career as a musician and then enrolled into the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. He worked as a screenwriter and director on numerous television productions.

Eskil & Trinidad

Stephan Apelgren
Stephan Apelgren
Ann Petrén, Linus Oscarsson, Saga Midfjäll, Torkel Petersson, Iben Hjejle, Jonas Inde, Sannamari Patjas, Douglas Johansson, Hannu Kiviaho, Erik Lundqvist, Axel Wallin, Eric Nilsson
Anders Bohman
Håkan Karlsson
Peter Possne, HansLönnerheden, Rickard Petrelius, Per-Erik Svensson, GunnarCarlsson
Sonet Film AB, Sveriges Television AB, Filmpool Nord AB
Festivals & Awards
Berlin International Film Festival 2013 – Generation Kplus; TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2013; BUFF – International Children & Youth Film Festival 2013 – ECFA Award; Chicago International Children's Film Festival – Programmer's Choice Award

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