My Skinny Sister

  • Sanna Lenken
  • Sweden, Germany
  • 2015.
  • 95'
  • Min lilla syster

A heart-warming humorous drama about eating disorder told from the perspective of a 12-year-old girl. Chubby and slightly odd, Stella is on the verge of puberty and eager to become an adult. She looks up to her older sister Katja, a talented ice-skater and family pet. When she is not writing romantic poetry about Katja’s coach Jacob, Stella is practicing for her first kiss, making prank calls and trying to impress other students with her sophisticated taste. Observing her sister, Stella notices she doesn’t seem as happy as before – she trains for hours on end, acts unusually and eats less and less. The winner of the Crystal Bear for Best Film in the Generation Kplus competition at the 2015 Berlinale.

Subtitles: HR

Sanna Lenken

Born in Gothenburg in 1978. Author of several award-winning short films and the TV series Double Life (Dubbelliv). Her short film Eating Lunch (Äta lunch), which is also focused on eating disorders, was screened at Berlinale and many other international festivals.

My Skinny Sister

Sanna Lenken
Sanna Lenken
Rebecka Josephson, Amy Deasismont, Annika Hallin, Henrik Norlén, Maxim Mehmet, Iga Lindbom
Moritz Schultheiß
Hanna Lejonqvist
Annika Rogell, Ilona Schultz, Jessica Ask, Hanne Palmquist, Katharina Dufner, Olaf Grunert
Tangy, Fortune Cookie Film, Film i Väst, Sveriges Television, ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Festivals & Awards
Berlin International Film Festival 2015 – Generation Kplus – Crystal Bear for Best Film, International Jury Special Mention; Galway Fillm Fleadh 2015 – Best International First Feature; Göteborg Film Festival 2015 – Audience Award

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