Revolution Postponed

  • Martina Globočnik, Vlatka Vorkapić
  • Croatia
  • 2017
  • 71'
  • Odgođena revolucija

Croatia was both a battlefield and a scene of trade 25 years ago. In the midst of carnage, an Austrian citizen, Georg Gavrilović, becomes the owner of the biggest meat industry in Croatia. He is now being tried for war profiteering, and the case is investigated by the journalist Iva A. One of the latest victims of the transition period pillage is the textile company Kamensko. Its former employee, Đurđa, denounces the criminal activities that led to her and her colleagues ending up on the street. A society where 250 live in luxury while 800,000 are on the verge of poverty is not something Marko can resign himself to. A young socialist and member of the radical left, he fights for social justice in street rallies and protests.

Subtitles: EN

Martina Globočnik, Vlatka Vorkapić

Martina Globočnik has worked in Fade In since 2002 as researcher, journalist, screenwriter, and director. Vlatka Vorkapić is the author of numerous fiction and documentary series and films. Her film Sonja and the Bull won the Golden Arena for Best Screenplay.

Revolution Postponed

Martina Globočnik, Vlatka Vorkapić
Martina Globočnik, Vlatka Vorkapić
Saša G., Đurđa G., Iva A. Marko M.
Jasenko Rasol
Iva Kraljević
Morana Komljenović, Vinko Brešan
Fade In, Zagreb film

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