Young and Healthy as a Rose

  • Jovan Jovanović
  • SFRY – Serbia
  • 1971
  • 74'
  • Mlad i zdrav kao ruža

Story of a young delinquent (played by the brilliant Dragan Nikolić) who transforms from the typical outsider into the most powerful Belgrade kingpin. This daring, fierce story about crime, drugs, and the deadly grip of the Serbian secret police seemed shocking at the time the film was made, but has since unfortunately moved away from fiction and towards reality. The film exudes the authentic anarchy of Belgrade, mocking Tito’s speeches, provincialism, as well as film and other conventions.

Subtitles: EN

Jovan Jovanović

Professor at the Film Academy in Ljubljana. His documentary and fiction films were not welcomed by the political elite and cultural mainstream and were simultaneously banned and awarded internationally, in addition to being listed in film encyclopaedias.

Young and Healthy as a Rose

Jovan Jovanović
Jovan Jovanović
Dragan Nikolić, Danilo Bata Stojković, Aleksandar Aca Gavrić, Marija Baksa
Petar Lalović
Jovan Jovanović
Danko Ješić, Nedeljko Ješić
Dunav film
Festivals & Awards
Pula Film Festival 1971; FEST 2006

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