Workshop: Project Presentation – Pitch

In the creative, especially audiovisual sector, where means are mostly inadequate, many outstanding projects exist, but unfortunately only some of them will come to life. Therefore, project presentation and packing serve as one of the means for selection. Not only rhetorical skills are at hand here; a good pitch requires good insight into your own project – its high points, its weaknesses, what drives the story – characters or plot. This way the authors show their future partners the readiness to cope with the problems if and when they arise. Aside from a good overview of their projects, there is also a timeframe – as well as the expression elevator pitch – denoting that very short time one gets to present the project, during which they must know how to cleverly keep the given attention. James Watkins, who wrote, presented and packed projects for Warner Bros., Working Title, Pathe, Film Four, and BBC Films, will train the participants of Industry Youth! how to present their projects at the Industry Youth! Pitching Forum during their seven minutes for presentation and seven minutes for questions and answers.


James Watkins directed the ghost story The Woman in Black, the most successful British horror film since records began. He made his directing debut with the critically acclaimed thriller Eden Lake. It won the Empire Award for Best Horror, the Jury Prize at Sitges Fantasy Film Festival and Best Director at Fantasporto. James has written screenplays for Warner Bros., Working Title, Pathe, Film Four, and BBC Films. Before co-creating and directing all episodes of crime drama McMafia, he directed an episode of Black Mirror for Netflix.

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