Creative Workshop for Children: My First Video Game

11 Nov | SATURDAY | HUB385
12 Nov| SUNDAY | HUB385
Petračićeva ulica 4


The aim of the workshop is to present the process of making video games to the youngest participants in a very simple way, with the help of pre-prepared materials. The process will be explained using a simple software for the development of video games, which enables combining visual and sound elements into a simple interactive unity and is primarily intended for children. The participants will learn how to use the increasingly popular method for computer programming – MIT Scratch. Scratch is a programming language whose input doesn’t require the complex syntax of the modern programming languages, but allows children to learn about programming through arranging simple, cause-and-effect elements. At the end of the workshop, the participants will create a simple game on their own.


Andrej Jovanović

A video game enthusiast since childhood, guided by only one vision – to create something meaningful for future generations. Experienced in system maintenance and design, he gradually set about doing what amuses him most – channelling his creative chaos into video game development. He sees the process as the practical application of everything we learn in our lives. Andrej graduated in Computer Design from the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences. He has worked on several game development projects and is currently employed as a system administrator at an IT company.

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