• Peter Modestij
  • Sweden
  • 2016.
  • 61'
  • 6A

The parents of students from class 6A attend a crisis parent meeting to solve an urgent problem. The only students present are three 12-year-old girls – Denise, Bella, and Mina. They have been accused of bullying, but they vehemently reject these accusations. Blinded by the urge to save their children, the angry parents throw accusations at each other, unveiling the ugly side of human nature. Soon it also becomes clear that the teacher might not have done enough to defuse tensions in the classroom. The film tackles questions of responsibility of adult society towards children, shortcomings of the education system, lack of authority, and importance of mutual understanding. It premiered at the Berlin IFF.

Subtitles: HR, EN

Peter Modestij

Born in 1976, this screenwriter, director, and musician studied at the Swedish School of Television (Institutet för högre TV-utbildning). He gained professional experience working as an intern for director Darren Aronofsky. He won the Media New Talent Award at the Cannes Film Festival. 6A is his feature debut.


Peter Modestij
Peter Modestij
Emine Özkan, Tyra Olin, Omeya Lundqvist, Caroline Söderström, Eva Melander, Lo Kauppi, Ellen Nyman
Lisabi Fridell
Linda Jildmalm
Siri Hjorton Wagner, Ami Ekström, Helena Ingelsten, Charlotte Hellström, Max Hallén, Jon Mankell
[sic] film, Film Väst, SVT, Chimney
Festivals & Awards
Berlin International Film Festival 2016 – Generation 14Plus; Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2016; Stockholm Film Festival 2016

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