Sámi Blood

  • Amanda Kernell
  • Norway, Sweden, Denmark
  • 2016.
  • 110'
  • Sameblod

A bittersweet coming-of-age story set in the 1930s Sweden. Fourteen-year-old Elle Marja and her sister Njenna live in a Sámi family where the traditional way of life is maintained. When they are sent to a boarding school for Sámi children, the two of them face the harsh reality of racism and discrimination by the Swedish society, which perceives them as inferior and different. Subjected to degrading physical examinations and taunts from the locals, the disconcerted Elle starts dreaming of a better life, doing her best to assimilate and learn the Swedish language. Her sister, on the other hand, turns even more resolutely to the Sámi tradition and heritage. The film premiered at the Venice Days, winning the FEDEORA and Europa Cinemas Label awards.

Subtitles: HR, EN

Amanda Kernell

Born in 1986. She graduated from the National Film School of Denmark. Sámi Blood is her feature debut based on her award-winning short film Northern Great Mountain (Stoerre Vaerie) which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Sámi Blood

Amanda Kernell
Amanda Kernell
Lene Cecilia Sparrok, Mia Erika Sparrok, Maj Doris Rimpi, Julius Fleischanderl, Olle Sarri, Hanna Alström, Malin Crépin, Andreas Kundler, Ylva Gustafsson
Sophia Olsson
Anders Skov
Lars G. Lindström
Nordisk Film Production Sverige AB, SVT, Bautafilm, Nordisk Film Production A/S, DigiPilot A/S
Festivals & Awards
International Film Festival in Venice – Venice Days 2016 – FEDEORA Award for Best Young Director, Europa Cinemas Label for Best European Film; Toronto International Film Festival 2016; Sundance Film Festival 2017; Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2016 – Human Values Award; Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2017 – Valhalla Award for Best Nordic Film; Berlin International Film Festival 2017; Göteborg Film Festival 2017 – Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film, Sven Nykvist Cinematography Award (Sophia Olsson)

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