Mediterranean Film Festival Split

17 Nov | FRIDAY | 10:00 p.m. | Müller Hall
Varšavska 3

Mediterranean Film Festival Split has affirmed itself as one of the best and most popular cultural events on the Adriatic coast, its positive spirit having been recognized by over 100,000 visitors in the last nine years. This is primarily due to films from the Mediterranean area, which have their regional or Croatian premieres in Split. The scent of centennial pines, gentle sea murmur, sandy beaches, and cheerful faces of bustling night life – all this comes as a bonus in the ten days of the Festival. It has become customary that the tickets for the evening screenings at the open air cinema Bačvice are sold out, in which case no one minds sitting on the wall or a beach towel. Indeed, it is precisely this casual feeling that gives the Festival its authentic Mediterranean mood. If you have already set your mind on visiting Split in June for all the said reasons, don’t worry – you won’t be the first. We have already heard of people planning their vacations in the Festival period. Mediterranean Film Festival Split has cooperated with ZFF since its beginning, and we are very pleased to present the Zagreb audience with a real Mediterranean drama – I Still Hide to Smoke. It is a story of a hammam and women who gather there daily. A cast of excellent actresses from the Arabian part of the Mediterranean will show you different destinies and tackle topics of politics, marriage, love, and faith. This relevant film is both funny and poignant and will certainly bring you closer to the world which is just around the corner although we think it’s far away.

Alen Muntilić, director


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