The Basics of Killing

  • Jan Cvitkovič
  • Slovenija
  • 2017.
  • 95'
  • Družinica

A high-school philosophy professor, Marko, and his chemical engineer wife, Dunja, lead an idyllic family life. They live in a spacious flat with two children, son Taras and daughter Mala. Taras is passionate about his judo trainings, while the charming Mala takes ballet classes. Their warm little community is full of love and understanding, which is also true of the couple’s sex life. But when an infatuated student accuses Marko of sexual harassment, he loses his job. Soon after, Dunja also gets laid off. The sudden loss of existential security causes strife between them. Winner of the Best Actress Award at the Montreal IFF. So far, three Cvitkovič’s films have been screened at ZFF: short film Heart Is a Piece of Meat and features Gravehopping and Archeo.

Subtitles: HR, EN

Jan Cvitkovič

Born in 1966. Director, screenwriter, and archaeologist. He was awarded Lion of the Future for his debut Bread and Milk at the Venice IFF. His second feature, Gravehopping, was screened at the San Sebastián IFF, where it won the Altadis Award for Best New Director.

The Basics of Killing

Jan Cvitkovič
Jan Cvitkovič
Primož Vrhovec, Irena Kovačević, Miha Košec, Ula Gulič
Marko Brdar
Andrija Zafranović
Andrej Štritof, Aleš Pavlin, Miroslav Mogorovič
Perfo, Pilon media, RTV Slovenia
Festivals & Awards
Montreal World Film Festival 2017 – Best Actress; Festival of Slovenian Film 2017 – Best Photography, Best Original Music, Best Sound, Best Costume Design; Chicago International Film Festival 2017

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