• Samuel Maoz
  • Israel, Germany, France, Switzerland
  • 2017
  • 113'

Israel’s Academy Award entry for this year. When military representatives ring their bell with news of their son’s demise, Michael and Daphna collapse under utter desperation. Trite condolences and empty patriotic phrases of the military bureaucrats only aggravate the situation. While Daphna turns to sedatives for solace, Michael falls into a pit of rage, but then experiences something so surprising and unlikely that it’s almost like his son’s surreal military experience. Structured as three stylistically different parts, Foxtrot shows the intensity and absurdity of the culture of militarism from several perspectives. Alternatingly emotional and ironic with biting humour, this bold and visually impressive film was nominated for the Silver Lion Award in Venice.

subtitles: HR, EN

Samuel Maoz

Born in Tel Aviv in 1962. As a young soldier he was part of a tank crew. But only when war broke out in 1982, did he learn the horrors of being a gunner. He studied cinematography at the Beit Tzvi school. He won the Golden Lion Award in Venice for his feature debut Lebanon.


Samuel Maoz
Samuel Maoz
Lior Ashkenazi, Sarah Adler, Yonatan Shiray, Gefen Barkai, Dekel Adin, Shaul Amir, Itay Exlroad, Danny Isserles, Itamar Rotschild, Roi Miller, Arie Tcherner, Yehuda Almagor, Shira Haas, Karin Ugowski
Giora Bejach
Arik Lahav Leibovich, Guy Nemesh
Michael Weber, Viola Fügen, Eitan Mansuri, Cedomir Kolar, Marc Baschet, Michel Merkt
Spiro Films, Pola Pandora Filmproduktions GmbH, A.S.A.P. Films, KNM, Bord Cadre Films, Arte France Cinema
Festivals & Awards
Venice International Film Festival 2017 – Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize, Arca CinemaGiovani Award for Best Film, SIGNIS Award Special Mention; Toronto International Film Festival 2017; Telluride Film Festival 2017

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