The Frog

  • Elmir Jukić
  • B&H, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia
  • 2017
  • 78'
  • Žaba

Film adaptation of the cult theatre drama by the Croatian writer and dramatist, Dubravko Mihanović. Zeko is a war veteran suffering from PTSD, who spends his days working in a small barber shop. With Eid approaching, he invites his brother Braco and friend Švabo to his place with the intention of using the holiday mood to try to set his brother, a gambler and alcoholic, back on the right path. However, Braco is defiant and a violent conflict breaks out between them, leaving Zeko alone with his dark thoughts. Things change after the sudden visit by a young man selling books door to door called Muki. This chamber drama with elements of black comedy is director Elmir Jukić’s debut film, as well as the first film realized following the participation in ZFF’s workshop My First Script.

subtitles: EN

Elmir Jukić

Born in Sarajevo in 1971. He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, where he teaches direction. He honed his craft in theatre and television and wrote for the magazine Sineast, in which he was also member of the editorial board. His short film Frame for the Picture of My Homeland (Ram za sliku moje domovine) gained a lot of festival success.

The Frog

Elmir Jukić
Pjer Žalica
Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Aleksandar Seksan, Mirsad Tuka, Moamer Kasumović, Ilir Tafa, Vlasta Velisavljević, Mugdim Avdagić, Dragi Čevro, Nermin Omić, Alisa Čajić Drmać, Selma Alispahić, Boro Stjepanović, Sadžida Šetić, Arman Lunel
Dejan Dimeski
Vladimir Gojun
Ademir Kenović, Tomi Salkovski, Dimče Stojanovski, Boris T. Matić, Bojan Mastilović
Refresh Production, Skopje Film Studio, Living Pictures, Propeler Film, Iriduim Film
Festivals & Awards
Sarajevo Film Festival 2017 – Audience Award

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